Inheritance Disputes

We understand how distressing it is when a close family member or loved one passes away. It is even harder when a problem then arises, for example, where there is a dispute about the terms of the Will or issues which arise if there is no Will.

At these times you need sympathetic, practical and clear advice from experts you can trust. Whether you are an executor, trustee, a beneficiary or someone who has not been provided for, we can assist you to resolve these issues.

To help you find the most favourable outcome in often highly complex legal areas, we draw upon the experience of our probate and litigation departments. We will work closely with you to find the best way to achieve a resolution.

If court proceedings cannot be avoided, we will assist you throughout the litigation process. In many cases, however, we can use our skills in negotiation and mediation to avoid the costs, stress and uncertainty of a full court hearing.

Our expertise includes: