Litigation / Dispute Resolution

A dispute usually arises where someone had not kept to an agreement. Disputes are generally best settled and this is something the Courts now encourage.

Our litigation and dispute resolution experts can assist you with a wide variety of disputes and litigation whether personal or business related. We can tell you where you stand and the best way to resolve the dispute – by mediation or alternative dispute resolution, arbitration or through the Courts.

We have many years’ experience of dealing with all manner of disputes before many different courts and tribunals.

We act for both claimants and defendants which gives us a rounded view, not only of the matters in dispute, but also the real issues which can often lie beneath the surface.

The types of dispute we can assist with include:


Contentious Trust/Probate

  • Court of Protection/Power of Attorney disputes
  • Equitable Claims
  • Estate Administration Disputes
  • Inheritance Act Claims
  • Trust Disputes
  • Will Disputes

Neighbour Disputes

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Party Wall Disputes
  • Rights of Way & Nuisance

Other disputes

  • Property ownership disputes
  • Trust disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Other construction disputes
  • Negligence claims
  • Contract claims

Property Disputes – Landlord

  • Breach of commercial Agreements & Leases
  • Obtaining Possession, commercial and residential
  • Dilapidations and repairs
  • Sub-tenants
  • Tenancies Connected to Employment
  • Tenancy renewal

Property Disputes – Tenant

  • Defending Possession Proceedings
  • Landlord’s Failure to Repair
  • Service Charge Disputes
  • Sub-tenants
  • Tenancies Connected to Employment
  • Tenancies of Flats
  • Planning