For property developers and builders, architects or private individuals, the planning process can be fraught with difficulties that can be both costly and time consuming.

We have many years’ expertise and hands-on experience in dealing with planning matters and a thorough knowledge of the local planning policies along with a full understanding of the national framework.

Planning Appeals

We can help with appeals and public enquiries whether they require a written argument or an appearance before the relevant authority.

Overcoming Objections to Planning Applications

We can advise on objections to planning applications and assist clients making applications for judicial review. Our success rate for clients is good, even at very late stages in the planning process.

Certificates of Lawfulness

A Certificate of Lawfulness is a highly useful mechanism for ensuring the work you have carried out or intend to carry out will not be challenged at a later date. An appropriate application can eliminate the worry of future litigation.

Local Authority Agreements and Obligations

We advise clients entering into ‘Section 106’ agreements with the local planning authority (which are enforced by local authorities as conditions of planning applications). A poorly drafted agreement can impact on the value and subsequent saleability of a property.

Listed Building Consents

We can assist with matters involving the planning process for listed buildings including unauthorised alterations.